7 June 2018

About Tech Summit

This event presents a great opportunity to celebrate the best and brightest, inspiring others to achieve greater things.

The Tech Summit (formerly the Digital Festival) was launched in Brussels in 2016 and has gathered over 500 people each year, creating a space in the heart of Europe and EU law-making where people can get excited about and be inspired by tech again by exploring its significant impact on people and society.

The Summit provides a unique opportunity to connect with fellow digital enthusiasts working at the most creative and vibrant edge of European tech. By bringing people together ranging from the smallest start-ups, to regulators, to the biggest corporates, we can start to bring the digital and tech worlds to life for those who influence it and regulate it. And it doesn’t stop there! The Tech Summit also works with “Meetup” groups from around Europe who bring a vibrancy and expertise to the event which you won’t find anywhere else in Brussels!

2018 Themes

  • Responsible business in today’s digital world
  • Digitising industry
  • Technology and financial services
  • Data: lawful access, new technologies, evolving business models
  • Workforce of the future
  • Technology for social good
  • AI – privacy, ecosystems, standards
  • Responsible AI
  • Security in IoT and new technologies
  • Protection of democratic processes
  • Extended reality
  • Plus much more…

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